Male Adult Face Mask



Eco™ Barrier Face mask
What does STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® mean? | Siser
The masks are manufactured using Eco Friendly OEKO-TEX certified cotton
Has been tested & certified to be free from toxic levels of more than 100
Substances known to be harmful to humans health.
The mask has been designed to block liquid airborne particles of 3 microns
Lowering the chance of catching the virus from another person.
Breathing is easier, due to the double layer of 300 micro-millimetre material,
That allows greater softness & breathability, skin friendly comfort for long
Periods of wear

Eco.™ Barrier Face Mask is the only Irish manufactured barrier Face Mask conforms with
HSE / NSAI Swift 19 Guidelines
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Manufactured In Ireland for Better Breathing Ireland